12 Days of Fitness Challenge: Day 2 - Squats

Happy Day 2 of the Fitness Challenge!  How did those push ups go yesterday?  How many did you get through?  Remember, part of the challenge is checking in to stay accountable!  This will be particularly important as we get closer to Christmas this week when things start to get busy! So remember to use the hashtag #12daysfit if you’re on social media, or comment on the blog posts with your progress! 

We focused on our arms yesterday, so today’s challenge is going to be leg-based: squats!  Squats are a great low-impact leg exercise that will target your quadriceps and glutes if done correctly.  Start standing with your feet about hip width apart (pictured below, A).  Bend at the knees and lower yourself down as far as you can, keeping your spine aligned and chest up (pictured below, B).  An easy way to do this is to think about sticking your butt out behind you (pictured below, C).  Seriously, it helps!  Immediately come back up to starting position.  Continue this pattern for as many reps as you can.  

If you’re in need of some variety for today's challenge, feel free to try these options:

  • jump squats - propel yourself up into the air on the way up out of the squat position (make sure to land light on your feet!).
  • add a hold at the bottom - try doing 10 squats, and then holding the last one down for 10 seconds.  Repeat that pattern for as many as you can.
  • add some pulses - similar to the hold, try 10 full squats, and then on the last one, pulse your legs, bringing yourself up only about halfway, and then back down again quickly. 

As with yesterday’s challenge, do as many as you can until you start to lose form.  Poor form here would be lowering your chest to your knees, needing to brace your hands on your knees to continue, etc.

Rules for today’s challenge:

  1. Check in on social media or the blog to let me know how you’re doing!  Have comments or questions?  Feel free to ask those, too!
  2. Just like yesterday, I’d like you to get through 2 sets today. 

Let me know how you do!  We’re on our way to a healthier holiday season!  Remember, it’s not too late to join, so get your friends and family involved!  Have them sign up so they don’t miss any special tips, motivational posts or other fun challenges coming your way!