12 Days of Fitness Challenge Starts TOMORROW!

Happy (almost) 12 Days of Fitness to you all!  I'm so excited to be launching the first fitness challenge on the blog tomorrow, and for those of you who are signed up for the challenge, I'm excited to help keep you motivated and moving this holiday season!  Can't wait to get started!

As a reminder, the challenge will run for 12 days starting tomorrow, December 22, and will consist of learning and doing one new exercise per day.  The challenge will be to fit in these exercises where you can throughout your day.  These aren't going to be full-on workouts, but instead simple exercises using little to no equipment that you can do virtually anywhere.  So there are no excuses!  I wanted to make this a doable challenge what with our busy holiday schedules filled with travel, family and friend gatherings, cooking, gift-giving, etc.  I know some of you may not have time to get to the gym or your exercise classes, or you may just need a little push to get you moving.  That's what I'm here for!  

ACCOUNTABILITY:  A major goal of this challenge is to get you up and moving during the stressful and mostly-sedentary holiday season, so I expect you all to check in (don't worry - I'll be checking in myself, too)!  If you're on social media, use hashtag #12daysfit so we can encourage each other!  If you're on Instagram, take a snapshot of yourself doing the exercise and be sure to tag me so I can follow along too (@infitinhealth).  Not on Facebook or Instagram?  No worries!  To keep you accountable without social media, I'd like you to comment on the blog post for that day with your progress. :)

SOME FUN:  Throughout the 12 days, I'll be sending special emails to everyone who signed up with other, mini challenges, quotes, motivational tips, and other fun things!  So make sure you subscribe if you haven't yet so you don't miss out on these special notices!  Pass the word along to your friends and family so they too can take part in a healthier holiday!

Here's to making our 2014 holiday season the best yet with some physical activity and healthier choices!  I can't wait to start with you all!