5 Athleisure Trends I'm Currently Loving

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  How was your weekend and your Monday?  Both good and active I hope!  For a fun mix up from the usual posts here, I thought I'd put together a list of some of the activewear trends I'm loving lately.  "Athleisure", fitness fashion, studio-to-street style, whatever you want to call it is all the rage right now.  As a fitness instructor and enthusiast, I couldn't be happier, since my wardrobe basically consists of yoga pants, leggings, sports bras, and workout tanks all the time (yes, even on my days off).  There have been some newer trends in the fitness fashion world lately that I'm in love with, so I thought I'd share them with you and hear your thoughts on the trends.  Now to drool over these and hope one day my wallet is as full as my athletic wear drawers...

5 Athleisure Trends I'm Loving Lately

1 | Prints & Bright Colors

The trend for fitness wear used to be all black, but wow that sure has changed!  I've always been a "color person", opting for jewel tones and bright shades for my regular wardrobe, so the fact that that's now all over the place in activewear is awesome.  I'm loving the prints, too, especially in leggings.  They're so FUN and add a bit of pizazz to your workout rather than your basic black capris.  Here are some of my favorites:

Athleta Lava Sonar Capri

Lava Sonar Capri
Athleta | $74

2 | Looser-Fitting Tanks

I used to be all about the tight-fitting tank tops since I started teaching classes because I'm always jumping around, bending over for burpees or planks, and a looser fitting top always got in my way or rode up uncomfortably.  Well, I've discovered a new love for them now.  They're great for the heavier days we all have and honestly, are a bit more comfortable.  If there's a portion of class that requires jumping around or an activity where the shirt will be in the way, I just tuck it in.  Here are 2 of my favorites that I've been eyeing for a while:

Lululemon Wild Tank

Wild Tank
Lululemon | $64

Nike Dri-FIT Loose Knit Tank

Dri-FIT Knit Loose Tank
Nike | $49.97 (on sale!)

3 | Tie-Back Tops & Side Knotting

I'm not really sure why I like this trend so much, but every time I see someone with a tied tank like this, I stare and secretly wish I had tanks loose enough to do this with.  I think I like it because it's versatile - you can wear the tank open and loose or tie it up when you need it to be out of the way.  Plus, it just looks different and chill.

Lululemon Beyond Boundaries Tank

Beyond Boundaries Tank
Lululemon | $52

Alo Yoga Breeze Tahnk

Breeze Tank
Alo Yoga (via Carbon 38) | $30 (on sale!)

4 | Sheer Panels

I love this look!  The sheer paneling is so great for ventilation during super sweaty workouts, and adds just a little touch of sexy to your workout clothes without being revealing.  I particularly like the sheer panels in leggings -- and own a few pairs with it -- but I'd love to have a few tanks with some mesh, too!

Lucy Poised Capri

Powerfully Poised Capri
Lucy | $69.99 (on sale!)

Zella Out of Bounds Live In Capri

Out of Bounds Legging
Zella (Nordstrom) | $64

Alo Sheer Panel Tank

Sheer Panel Tank
Alo (via Nordstrom) | $62

5 | Black & White

Despite my love for brightly colored workout clothing, there's just something about a good neutral like black & white.  Am I right?  Patterned black & white really catches my eye.  Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't wear all black everything, but a little mix 'n' match black/white combo -- with a pattern (that's key!) -- is awesome.  It's also pretty versatile with all the colored fitness clothes out there, too.  A pretty black & white tank with solid color capris?  Done.  


Sheer Panel Tank
ALALA (currently unavailable)

Lucy Powerfully Poised Tank

Powerfully Poised Tank
Lucy | $39.99 (on sale!)

Nike Legendary Jewels Tight

Legendary Jewels Tight
Nike | $64.97 (on sale!)

Well there you have it.  A round up of some of my favorite trends right now in the fitness fashion world.  I hope some of these looks strike your fancy, too!  Let me know if you're currently rocking any of these looks -- I'd love to see them!

Readers: chat with me!  What are some of your favorite trends in workout wear?  What do you typically gravitate towards when buying new fitness clothes?  Are you more into fashion, function or a mix of both?