Snowman Building Total Body Workout

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Okay, so there may not be snow on the ground here in Upstate New York... yet.  Is there snow where you are?  If there isn't, pin this workout for later when there is and get the family outside for a fun and active snowman building workout.  If there IS snow already where you are, try this workout the next time you're outside building a snowman with the family! 

Snowman Building Total Body Workout

Snowman Building Total Body Workout

This workout can be done either by building one snowman with the family and alternating using the three different sections, or each person can make their own snowman.  You'll start by building the base.  Once it's built, do the three exercises using it for support.  Next, build the middle, and do each exercise using the middle snowball.  Lastly, build the head of the snowman and do each exercise using that snowball.  Note: some exercises might require you to use the ball of snow BEFORE putting it on the snowman, so read carefully.  Enjoy!

Base of Snowman:

Roll the base of the snowman first and make sure it's densely packed.  Once it's rolled, do the three exercises using the base as support.

10 Straight Leg Crunches - once the base is built, put your heels up on the base and lie down in the snow on your back.  From here, crunch up keeping your legs straight and reach for your toes.  Do 10 reps.

10 Straight Leg Pelvic Raises - this one requires the base of your snowman to be pretty densely packed.  Keeping your heels on the base (legs straight) and back on the ground, lift your pelvis up toward the sky.  Lower back down to start.  Do 10 reps.

10 Plank Taps - turn over into a high plank (push up position).  From here, alternate lifting one hand off the ground and tapping the top of the base of the snowman.  Do 10 taps total (5 on each arm).

Middle of Snowman:

Roll the middle ball of the snowman, but wait to put it on top of the base until the first two exercises are done.

10 Jump Overs - once the ball is rolled, leave it where it is and jump over it, tucking your knees to your chest as you do.  Do 10 jumps total.

10 Squats - straddle your legs a little wider than shoulder width, toes pointed out at a 45˚ angle, holding the ball in both hands, arms straight down.  From here, squat down and place the ball on the ground.  Stand back up to start.  Squat down again and pick up the ball, keeping your arms straight, then lower it back down into a squat.  Alternate picking up the ball every other squat for 10 reps.

Place middle of snowman onto base here.

10 Side Shuffles (each direction) - after placing the middle ball onto the base of the snowman, get into a low squat and shuffle around the base of the snowman for 10 steps in each direction.

Top of Snowman:

Roll the head of the snowman and wait to put it on top until all three exercises are completed.

10 Ball Swings - like kettlebell swings, but with the head of a snowman!  So once the head is rolled, hold it in both hands, standing with your feet about hip-width apart.  From here, squat down swinging the ball back under you, then come up and swing the ball to shoulder level (no higher).  Do 10 swings total.

10 Toe Touches - lie down on your back with your legs up straight, feet flexed.  Take the ball in both hands and lift it up toward your feet, using your abs to lift yourself off the ground.  Do 10 touches total.

10 Overhead Passes - stand with your legs about hip width apart, arms out straight and raised to shoulder height, palms up holding the ball in one hand.  From here, keep your arms straight and bring them up to meet in the middle, passing the ball from one hand to the other, and lower it back down to the other side.  Pass the ball between hands a total of 10 times.

Now place the head of the snowman on, and go decorate it with a corncob pipe, and a button (carrot?) nose and two eyes made out of coal... and of course a smile. :)

Here's a fun Pinterest graphic for the workout so you can save it for later when you actually have snow on the ground to work with!  And if you already do have enough snow to build a snowman, try it out and let me know how it goes!

Snowman Building Total Body Workout

Readers: chat with me!  Do you workout outside when the temps drop and there's snow on the ground?  Have you ever thought about using snow in your workouts?  How are you staying healthy and active this holiday season?