30-20-10 Do Anywhere Ab Burner Workout

I created this workout for a class I taught recently to give the members an idea of some exercises they can do at home or on the go this week during the holidays.  Pin it now so you can save it for when you need a good ab burn in these last few days of 2015!  It's a great one since it doesn't involve any equipment, and takes about 10 minutes to complete (but don't let that fool you!).  Even better if you get your family and friends in on the action.  Ready?!

30-20-10 Do Anywhere Ab Burner Workout

30/20/10 Do Anywhere Ab Burner Workout

Go through 3 rounds starting with 30 reps of each exercise.  Drop it down to 20 reps for round #2 and finish with 10 reps each.  Try to get through all three rounds with no rest.  Get ready to work that middle!

Elbow to Knee Crunches - lie on your back, legs extended out straight, hands placed lightly behind your ears.  From here, crunch up bringing your knees and elbows together in the middle, making sure to lift your shoulder blades up off the floor to really engage your abs.  Lower back down to the ground slowly.

V-up to Push Up - start on your back and do 1 V-up (bringing your arms and legs up in a V to meet in the middle).  Lower yourself back down, roll over onto your stomach, and push yourself up into a push up position.  Lower yourself back down, and roll back over to supine.  Each V-up/push up combo counts as 1 rep.

Fast Bicycles - like regular bicycles but work quickly.  Try to keep your abs engaged the entire time and shoulder blades up off the floor as you bring your elbows to meet your knees.

Supine Knee Presses - lie on your back with your knees bent at 90˚, hands pressed into them.  Push against yourself (hands against knees and knees against hands), engaging your abs, for the desired number of reps.  Trainer Tip: your body stays virtually still during this move, so your upper body is slightly off the ground the entire time.  Think about pressing only to make your abs contract and then release.  The rest of your body stays still.

Side Plank Hip Dips (each side) - start out in a low side plank on your forearm.  From this position, dip your hips down, keeping your feet stacked and shoulder over your wrist/elbow.  Now raise your hips up to slightly higher than starting position.  Continue the dips for the desired number of reps on each side.

Keep going until you've completed all three rounds!

Readers: chat with me!  Do you have a plan for staying active this holiday season?  Or are you going to lay back and take things as they come?  Will you be traveling over the holidays?  What are some of your favorite exercises to do while you're away from home?