Blog Chat: What do YOU want to see next?

Welcome to the blog chat!  What's the chat about?  Well...

I've been thinking long and hard about where I want this blog to go and what content to put out there for you all.  There are a LOT of fitness blogs out there and I want to make sure that I am giving you up-to-date, relevant, USEFUL information that you want to read, follow, and most importantly, refer back to!  So, I'm asking for your help in constructing a plan.  Below are some of my ideas for future blog posts and what to make next.  Please use the comments section of this blog post to share your thoughts on the topic, and/or list anything else you'd like to see in the (near) future!

1 | Fitness Challenges:

If you remember from the start of this year, it was one of my goals for 2015 to create at least TWO more fitness challenges for you all.  I think we can surpass that goal, but I need to know what you want out of a fitness challenge in the first place.  Here are some thoughts on challenge topics:

  • Exercise challenge you can do right at home to target specific areas of your body (e.g. week 1 = legs; week 2 = arms; week 3 = abs & core; etc.)
  • No-equipment workout challenge
  • Specific equipment workout challenge (for example, a program using only a resistance band, or a chair)
  • Nutrition challenge (e.g. monitoring water intake, protein intake, limit fast food/dining out, etc.)

What about check-ins?  Which do you/would you use most often:

  • Private Facebook group
  • Instagram check in
  • Twitter check in
  • Private blog page dedicated to the challenge (with password-only access)

2 | Workouts

Are you more of a gym-goer or a workout-at-home type?  If you take any fitness classes, do you workout on your own as well?  I'm curious what you do for your fitness routines because I want to create workouts designed to be incorporated into your day-to-day seamlessly.  

Where do you save workout images/videos to take with you?

  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Download to your phone/tablet/computer

3 | Product & Class Reviews

So I've already started a section for this on the blog, but I'm curious if any of you would find it useful.  I am not sponsored by anyone, nor endorsed by any product, so all reviews would be purely my opinion.  Now this also means that I can't go out and buy 5 Smartwatches to review and tell you which I like (though I wish I could - where's that money tree again?).  The products would have to be small and relatively inexpensive, but there are a LOT of those out there for the fitness industry, so I'd love to share my thoughts on a few!

For class reviews, this would serve a great purpose - it would allow you to not only see what classes are actually out there to take, but as an instructor myself, I could give you an honest-to-goodness opinion on whether the class is worth it.  Now, I know we all have different tastes and fitness levels, but I would try my best to keep it neutral. 

4 | Videos

This one might be a few months to years down the road, but I've often thought about creating a YouTube channel for workout videos as well as little "get-to-know-me" vids for a more personal side.  Now, #1 issue is I don't have a video camera, but I do have a pretty good smartphone that could do the trick! :)

Alright everybody, those are my ideas for the moment!  I'll post back in the comments section when I have more!  Please comment with your thoughts on any/all of the above as well as anything else not mentioned that you'd like to see!  You can also get in touch via social media: @infitinhealth.  I'd love to hear, and be able to give, what YOU want.  Thanks for reading, and stay tuned later this week for my (long overdue) Part 2 of my Australia Adventure series!