Fitness Friday 5/22: Get Your Body Moving

Happy Friday to you all!  We made it through another week.  I hope you're energized for the weekend, especially if yours is a long one.  I'll be working on Memorial Day, but I'm definitely excited for these next few days off!  If you feel like your Friday is dragging on today, try this mini workout you can do anywhere and everywhere you find yourself.  I hope it helps get you through your morning AND your afternoon.  Keep reading for the details!

Fitness Friday mini workout #14


Fitness Friday 5/22

2 x 2 (twice through, two times today)

Slow Bicycles - lie on your back, hands behind your head, elbows out.  With one leg out straight and the other knee bent, bring your opposite elbow to the opposite knee and touch if you can, using your abdominals to raise your shoulder off the floor.  Switch to the opposite side, moving slowly and focusing on engaging your abs the entire time.  Do 20 reps.  Trainer Tip: make sure to keep a light touch of the hand behind your neck.  You don't want to pull on your neck when crunching up. 

Tricep Dips in Table - get into a table top position (supine, feet flat and hands under shoulders, hips raised so the torso is flat like a table).  From here, bend your elbows so your upper body lowers toward the floor.  Do 10 dips.  Trainer Tip: go as far down as you can, but keep in mind that might only be a very little bit.  That's perfectly okay as long as you're feeling it work your tricep muscles.

Standing Leg Sweeps - from standing, take your right leg and sweep it up laterally as close to hip height as you can.  Bring it immediately back down and cross in front of your left leg.  Immediately sweep it back up to the side again, without letting it touch the ground.  Continue that sweeping pattern for 20 reps on one leg before switching to the other.  Trainer Tip: keep your leg as straight as you can and keep your foot turned with toes facing forward as much as possible (i.e. fight the urge to turn your toes outward in the direction of the sweep).

There's your office workout for this Friday!  I hope this helps keep you energized for the long weekend ahead, or at least until happy hour today. :)

What's everyone up to this long weekend?  How do you stay active and healthy over a celebratory holiday like Memorial Day?