Fitness Friday 6/26: Up & At 'Em with A 2-Minute AMRAP

Hi everybody!  You made it through another week!  How awesome does it feel to have the weekend just around the corner?  As you think about plans for the weekend, I want you to also think about how much you've gotten out of your desk chairs today.  Really.  How many times have you stood up and walked down the hall or to a coworker's desk?  Make it a point to move your body during the workday.  My post yesterday highlighted a lot of reasons why you NEED to use those muscles on the reg.  If you didn't get a chance to check that out, I'd highly recommend it, and then get back to the movement with this 2-minute quickie AMRAP below!

Fitness Friday #19

Fitness Friday 6/26

2 minute AMRAP, 3x today

High Knees - you know these ones.  20 at a time.  Trainer Tip: if your knees or ankles give you trouble, step in place (bringing your knees to waist level) instead of hopping.

Close-Arm Push Ups - like regular push ups, but keep those elbows tucked near your sides the whole time.  Do 10.  Trainer Tip: if you need to, especially toward the end of the 2 minutes when your arms might be tired, drop to your knees.

V-ups - start laying down on your back, and bring your legs and back up off the floor so your body forms a V.  Try to touch your shins or toes at the top.  Do 5 of these.

I haven't posted a quote in a while, and I came across this one the other day, which I thought was cute and also very true.  So I'll leave you with this:


Readers: chat with me!  Do you like AMRAP workouts?  What are your favorite exercises to include?  Fun plans for the weekend?  How are you staying active?