Fitness Friday 6/5: Targeted Shoulders + Total Body

Happy Friday to you all!  How was your week?  Mine was exhausting, but overall a pretty good one.  Let's get right into the fitness today with another awesome Fitness Friday mini workout.  You can seriously do this one anywhere and everywhere you find yourself.  Remember, these are designed for you to get some more movement going throughout your day, so you'll never need any fancy equipment for these mini workouts - just your body weight.  This one is a little shoulder-happy, so don't be surprised if you feel it there during and after.  Ready to get yourself out of that office chair and get the blood flowing?  Great!  Keep reading!


Fitness Friday 6/5

2 x 2 (2 times through, twice today)

Plank Knee Dips - start in a low plank on your forearms, abs engaged, spine neutral, and elbows directly underneath shoulders.  Keeping all other parts of your body still, bend your knees so they touch the ground.  Raise them back up to regular plank position, engaging your quads.  Repeat the knee dips for 30 reps. 

Pike Push Ups - get into a full body pike position (think down dog, but a little more piked up), and perform a push up in this position.  Try to get the crown of your head toward the ground by looking back at your feet (without craning your neck!).  Try to get through 20 push ups in this position.  Trainer Tip: these push ups don't have to go down very far.  If you can only go down so there's a slight bend in your elbows, that's fine!

Side Plank Toe Touches - get up in a side plank either on your elbow (easier) or on your hand fully extended (harder).  Lift your top leg and top arm up toward the ceiling to meet, while maintaining the side plank throughout the lift.  As you go back down, stack your feet and reach the top arm over the side of your head.  Continue reaching up and touching your foot (if you can) and extending back down for 10 reps on each side.

Readers: chat with me!  What are you up to this weekend?  Any fun and active plans?  I'll be on my way to Seattle this afternoon for a work conference, but don't worry - you can expect a lot more posts in the coming days with ways to stay healthy while traveling and some awesome hotel room workouts using resistance bands!  Stay tuned!