Fitness Friday 7/3: Pre-Independence Day Mini Workout

Happy (almost) Independence Day to you all!  Most of us have today off, and my guess is a lot of you are gearing up for cookouts, family gatherings, and fireworks with friends.  How exciting!  With that in mind, I'm sure a lot of you are taking a break from your full workouts this weekend (no worries, I am too), but there's no excuse not to get in a mini workout over the weekend!  This one's good for the whole body.  Ready for the fun?  Keep reading!

Fitness Friday Pre-Independence Day Workout

Fitness Friday 7/3

3 x 3 (3 rounds, 3x today)

Single-Leg Plank Knee Dips - start off in a low plank (on your elbows).  Take your left foot and put it behind your right knee, like a figure 4.  Keeping that "4" position the entire time, dip your right knee down so it touches the floor.  Bring it back up to start.  That's one rep; try to get to 10 on the right leg, then switch sides and do 10 on the left.  Trainer Tip: if single-leg is too much, keep both feet on the floor and dip both knees to the ground.

Dive-Bomb Push Ups start in an inverted V position (butt in the air, similar to downward dog).  Bend at the elbows and perform a push up, keeping your gaze back toward your feet so the crown of your head reaches the ground.  Get through 10.

Single-side Oblique Twists - like regular oblique twists, but reach your hands diagonally upwards on the opposite side instead of to the ground.  So, starting with your hands down on the left side, twist quickly and reach your hands up diagonally to the right.  Do 25 on one side before switching to the other.  Trainer Tip: easier = keeping your feet on the ground (knees bent); for more of a challenge, lift the legs to a 90˚ angle.

Readers: chat with me!  How are you spending your weekend?  Do you work out on holidays or take the day off?  What's your favorite way to stay active on holiday weekends in the summer?