Fitness Friday 6/12: 9-minute Total Body Workout

Hi everybody!  How are you all doing?  I'm back from the SLEEP conference in Seattle (got in late last night), so the blog posts should be more regular now.  I have some exciting posts coming up including some pretty neat things I learned at the conference this year (did you know whole body energy metabolism changes based on what stage of sleep you're in?) AND more product reviews which will include a few giveaways!  I'm excited to start working on those posts, so stay tuned in the coming weeks!  

As for today, your Fitness Friday mini workout is here and ready for you to get started warming the muscles!  Today's workout is a timed one, so all you'll need is a timer set for 1 minute for every exercise.  Remember, you can do these moves anywhere you find yourself today, whether that's at the office, at the park, or at home.  If you've got 9 minutes, you've got time for this total body routine.  Ready?? 

Fitness Friday - 9-minute Total Body Workout


Fitness Friday 6/12

3 x 2 (3 rounds, twice today)
Set your timer for 1 minute for each move (9 minutes total).  Let's get started!

Plank Jacks - start in a high plank position, hands under your shoulders, abdominals engaged, and spine aligned (no curvature to the back or neck).  Keeping your hands in place, jump your feet out, then bring them back together quickly, like a jumping jack.  Continue the jacks for 1 minute.  Trainer Tip: remember to keep your spine in a straight line here.  A tip I've heard used and I think is helpful is to think of bringing your belly button in toward your spine to keep your abs and core engaged.

Supine Shin Presses - this one's a killer, so get ready!  Lie down on your back, opposite arm and opposite leg raised in the air, other arm and leg out straight hovering over the floor.  Press your hand into your shin (or knee) and engage the abdominals.  Hold that press for 15 seconds.  Switch sides and repeat.  Do this twice on each side for 15 seconds each, totaling 1 minute.

Plyo Squats - start in a squat position as low as you can get, arms bent as if in a prayer position.  From here, use your glutes and quads to propel yourself up into the air, swinging your arms down by your sides as you jump.  As you land back down, immediately lower yourself back down into a squat.  Remember, be light on your feet and keep the motion fluid (i.e. no pause). Continue that pattern for 1 minute.  Trainer Tip: to decrease the intensity, simply squat in place without the jumps.

Get involved with the community on social media and show us how and where you're staying active with this workout today!  Use the hashtag #fitnessfriday and tag me (@infitinhealth).  Let's start to cheer each other on!

Readers: chat with me!  How has your week been going?  What's everyone up to this weekend?