Fit & Healthy Vacation - Part 1

I am in Nashville, TN this week visiting my parents and so far it has been such a great time!  I don't get to see my parents nearly enough, so any time spent with them is precious.  We've filled our days with many activities and there are still more to come.  I'd love to share what my parents and I have been up to so far this week in our efforts to be active while on vacation.  Most of our daily activities have been outdoors since it's a great time of year to take in the fresh air and gorgeous scenery.  

Disc Golf

My favorite activity so far has been disc golf.  I've never played before, so I wasn't too sure what to expect, but it is so much fun!  It's such a great excuse to get outside and enjoy a sunny afternoon.  Here are some pictures:

For anyone who hasn't played, the basic idea is to throw these discs like a frisbee and aim them into these chain baskets (think golf meets frisbee throwing).   We completed 10 holes of an 18-hole course.  There are courses all across the country, so I am definitely going to be looking for some in Rhode Island when I am back!

Riverwalk Trail on the Harpeth River

Evening Walks

My parents and I have also gone on many walks while I've been here.  Their house is located in a neighborhood with a walking/biking trail behind it, so we took advantage of it and went on a few walks before dinner on several nights.  The trail is about three miles long.  We've walked about 1-2 miles each time we've been out.


A Hike on Radnor Lake

One afternoon we decided to go on a hike around Radnor Lake here in Nashville.  The scenery was gorgeous!  It was peaceful and quite calming to be out in nature.  Isn't it nice to just clear your mind every now and then and enjoy the sounds of the outdoors?  We saw lots of wildlife, too: turtles, many birds, and so many wild turkeys!  One fun thing we decided to do on the hike was use the numbered benches along the trail and do exercises at every other one.  The number of the bench equaled the number of reps we did.  For example, at bench #30 we did 30 incline push ups.  Other exercises we did were single-leg lunges and triceps dips.

There has been so much packed into this vacation and I hope some of these fun activities give YOU some ideas to stay active on your next trip or even over a weekend.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  What did you do to stay healthy and get yourself moving?  Comment below and let me know!  Stay tuned for next week's post for some tips and tricks to keep healthy while traveling, particularly in airports and while away from home and your usual routine.  Have a healthy and happy week ahead!