Fitness Friday 8/28: Move Your Body At Work

"It's Friiiidayyy, Friiiidayyy, gotta get down on Friday!"  Horrible song, I know, but it's my mood currently.  =P  What's everyone up to this weekend?  I'll be heading down to the Mystic Seaport in Mystic, CT tomorrow afternoon for one of my best friends' wedding!!  I'm SO excited for her and her soon-to-be husband.  Can't wait to celebrate with them and see childhood friends I haven't seen in a while.  (I also can't believe that the time has come where she's getting married.  I've known her since we were on-again-off-again friends in 3rd grade... MAN how time flies!)

Anyway, fitness!  Let's do this!  If you're new to the blog, the reason I started this Fitness Friday series is to remind you to move your body throughout your workday instead if sitting at your desk for 8 or more hours straight.  There are plenty of exercises that don't require any equipment and are easily done in your office or cubicle.  The goal of these mini workouts is not so much to make you sweat (fair warning though: some might), but more to get you up out of that chair and get the blood flowing.  Today's mini workout is back to some basics with lower reps and easier exercises so you can do them wherever you find yourself today.  Ready to get started?  Grab a coworker and let's move!

Fitness Friday 8/28: Move Your Body

Fitness Friday 8/28

3 x 3 (3 rounds, 3 times today)

10 Curtsey Lunges - start standing.  Bring your right leg behind you and to the left, and lunge down.  Come back up to standing and immediately go into the same motion on the other side (left leg comes behind you and to the right as you lunge down).  Alternate lunges for 10 reps total (5 each side).

10 Push Ups - no need to explain here.  Just remember to keep your spine in a straight line by engaging your abs and keeping your neck neutral.  Drop to your knees if you need to here.

10 Side Bends w/ Opposite Reach - start standing.  Lean to the left side, reaching your right arm overhead as you lean and your left arm behind you in the opposite direction.  Come back to center and immediately lean to the right, reaching your arms the opposite way (left arm overhead and right arm behind).  Alternate bends for 10 reps total (5 each side).

Repeat those exercises 2 more times through, and try to get in 2 more sets of these throughout your day! 

Readers: chat with me!  What exercises are you adding to your workday?  Do you get your coworkers involved?  What's on the docket for the weekend?

Wake Up Your Weekend with a 5-Minute Total Body AMRAP Workout

Good morning and happy Saturday to you all.  What's everyone have in store for the weekend?  How are you staying active?  I'm off to teach an upper body strength training class this morning, and then I'm headed to Albany for a lake house picnic, some celebrations, and hopefully some relaxation, both mentally and physically.  Before I head off, I wanted to give you guys a quick AMRAP workout to wake yourself up this morning and get pumped for the weekend.  Ready?!

5-Minute Total Body AMRAP Workout

5-Minute Total Body AMRAP Workout

Set your timer for 5 minutes and get through as many rounds of the following exercises as you can.  Ready?  Go!

5 Push Ups - you know these.  Feel free to drop to your knees if you need to, especially toward the end of the AMRAP.

10 Jump Lunges - start in a lunge position and propel yourself up into the air, switching legs mid-jump, and land back down in a lunge on the opposite side you started on.  Keep alternating jumps for 10 reps.

10 Tricep Push Ups (each side) - lie on your side, with your bottom arm crossed over your chest, and top arm over it with the hand placed on the floor.  Use that arm to push your upper body off the floor.  Try to get that arm as straight as you can (pushing all the way up).  Do 10 on one arm, then switch.

10 Supine Leg Circles - lie on your back, legs out straight and feet hovering slightly above the floor.  Keeping your legs straight and feet together, make small a small circle clockwise, then counter clockwise.  Keep alternating directions for 10 circles total. Trainer Tip: if your lower back gives you trouble, try placing your hands underneath it for support.

5 Plyo Squats - start in a squat position as low as you can get, arms bent as if in a prayer position.  From here, propel yourself up into the air, swinging your arms down by your sides as you jump.  As you land back down, immediately lower yourself back down into a squat.  Remember, be light on your feet and keep the motion fluid.  Continue for 5 reps.  Trainer Tip: to decrease the intensity, simply squat in place without the jumps.

Keep going for 5 minutes total - see how many rounds you can do!!

Readers: chat with me!  Do you like AMRAP workouts?  What are your favorite exercises to include?  What's everyone up to today?  Hope you have a great weekend!

6-Minute Super Quick Upper Body Blast

Happy Tuesday to you all!  How's your week going so far?  Mine is off to a pretty good start, surprisingly.  I beat the Monday blues by meal prepping for the week (I didn't have to be at work until 8pm), and making my first-ever protein bite recipe which I'm pretty excited about.  (In case you're wondering, I made these S'More Power Balls - yum!)  I've been reading all about protein bites recently (well, actually, more like seeing delicious pictures in the blogosphere and on Pinterest) and they look sooooo tasty.  The ones I made are pretty amazing.  Dessert really.  So once you're done checking out that recipe, going to the store to get the ingredients, and making the addicting little morsels, come back here for a killer upper body workout that you'll have done in 6 minutes flat!  Ready for the fun?  Keep reading!

6-Minute Super Quick Upper Body Blast


6-Minute Super Quick Upper Body Blast

Set your timer for 6 minutes and get through as many rounds of the 5 exercises as possible. Note: you'll need a chair, bench, or other sturdy surface to raise your legs on for the tricep dips.

10 Push Ups - you know these ones.  If you need to after a while, drop to your knees, but keep your spine in one straight line from neck to tailbone.

5 Narrow/Regular/Wide Push Ups - from the push up position you were just in, bring your hands in slightly closer to your ribcage (narrow) and do 1 push up.  Walk your hands out to a regular push up position and do another push up (regular).  Now walk your hands out wider than shoulder-width and do another (wide).  Reverse that pattern to complete 5 push ups total (N/R/W/R/N).

10 Tricep Presses (each side) - lie on your side, with your bottom arm crossed over your chest, and top arm over it with the hand placed on the floor.  Use that arm to push your upper body off the floor.  Do 10 on one arm, then switch for 10 more.

5 Raised-Leg Tricep Dips - find a sturdy chair, couch, box, bench, or what have you, and place your heels on it, keeping your hands on the floor.  Raise your pelvis so your butt is off the floor.  From here, do 5 tricep dips, making sure to bend at the elbow and not hinge at the waist (i.e. this is an arm exercise, not dipping your hips).

5 Sphinx Push Ups - start out in a modified push up position (on your knees), hands directly under your shoulders.  Lower yourself down so your forearms are flat on the floor.  From here, push yourself up again, keeping your hands on the ground and spine aligned.  Do 5 total.

There you have it!  I hope you all are having a great week so far.  This is a pretty exciting week for me and for the blog!  Tomorrow I'll be hosting my first-ever GIVEAWAY!  I received some awesome candles from Aurorae Yoga to review, and they're giving one away to a lucky reader, so stay tuned and make sure to check back tomorrow to enter the raffle!  The second piece of news I have is this Friday, my first syndicated blog post for the BlogHer Publishing Network will go live!!  I'm SUPER excited for that, and will be posting links to it all over the place, so stay tuned for that as well.  As always, have a healthy and happy day ahead, and I look forward to seeing your answers to some questions in the giveaway post tomorrow!

Readers: chat with me!  What upper body exercises do you like to do?  Are you someone who likes to use their own bodyweight for exercises, or do you like to use equipment?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!