Wednesday Warmup 5/20: An AMRAP to Warm the Muscles

Good morning (or afternoon) to you all!  Guess what... we're halfway through the work week now.  Whew!  We're gettin' there.  If you're like me recently, and need a little kick starter these days, try a quick little workout in the A.M. when you roll out of bed.  It'll help get the blood moving and muscles warm, and it will also help energize you for your day ahead.  Ready to get started with today's AMRAP workout??  Keep reading for the details.

AMRAP full body workout 5/20


Wednesday Warmup 5/20

Set your timer for 4 minutes for each AMRAP.  Get through as many exercises in that AMRAP as possible during the time.


Slow Calf Raises - just like they sound.  Stand with feet flat on the floor, and raise up onto your tip toes, squeezing your calf muscles and glutes at the top.  Focus on the squeeze!  Go slow here - a few seconds up and a few seconds down.

Keeling Side Raises - kneel down on all fours and bring one leg straight out to the side, side of your foot parallel to the floor.   From here, keep your leg straight and lift it up as high as you can.  Repeat that for 15 reps on the same leg before switching sides.

Kneeling Donkey Kicks - you're on all fours again, this time with your leg raised behind you and your knee bent at a 90˚ angle, foot parallel to the ceiling.  Kick your leg up toward the ceiling, extending it straight and driving upward with your heel.  Do this 20 times quickly on one leg before switching.


Side Hip Raises + Reach - get into a side plank, propped up on your forearm.  Raise your hips up forming a side pike, and simultaneously reach your top arm underneath you, turning your upper body as you reach.  Lower your hips back down to start for 1 rep.  Repeat that motion 10 times on one side, then switch.

Sit-Up Reach-Ups - start lying down on your back, legs extended out, touching the floor.  Do a full sit up, reaching for your toes and keeping your lower half on the floor.  Now lower yourself back down so your back is on the floor.  As you lower, raise your legs off the floor keeping them straight and forming an 'L' with your body.  From here, reach up for your toes.  Now put your legs back down on the ground and do that sequence again.  Each time you reach for your toes counts as 1 rep.  Keep performing the sequence until you hit 15 reps total.

Bent-Knee Supine Pulses - start on your back with your legs raised, knees bent, similar to the "dead bug" position.  Reach your arms out straight as if reaching for your toes, bringing your shoulder blades off the floor.  Now pulse your upper body slightly to engage the abs.  Do 20 pulses.


Tricep Push Ups - lie on your side, with your bottom arm crossed over your chest, and top arm over it with the hand placed on the floor.  Use that arm to push your upper body off the floor, working your triceps.  Do 10 on one arm, then switch.

Plank Cross-Over Walks - start in a plank position, with arms crossed over each other.  From here, "step" to one side moving the same arm/leg at the same time.  Keep walking that way, crossing each arm over the other, for 15 steps, and then switch directions for another 15 steps.

Shoulder Tap Planks - start in a high plank position on your hands.  Keeping your core engaged, and being sure NOT to move the hips too much, reach the right hand up to the left shoulder and tap it.  Put that arm down quickly and alternate to the other side, left arm tapping the right shoulder.  Alternate that quick tapping pattern for 20 taps (10 each side).  Trainer Tip: Remember to keep the abs engaged, spine aligned, and hips square.

That's your workout for this Wednesday morning!  I hope it gets you feeling energized and ready to tackle your day.  :)  As promised in a previous post, here is another motivating quote to help you through the day today.  I particularly like this quote because it reminds you to be gentle with yourself and stop comparing yourself to others.  So go easy on yourself today.  Try your best, and stop judging yourself so harshly.

stop judging ourselves quote

Readers: chat with me!  How'd that workout go?  What did you like about it?  Did it leave you feeling energized and positive?