12 Days of Fitness Challenge: Day 6 - Side Plank Dips

Congrats on making it halfway through the challenge!  You're 6 days down!  How have you done so far?  Your first assignment for today is to check in on social media or the blog and tell us all how you're doing so far!  Ready... go!

Okay, now onto today's challenge!  We're back to our core for today, so we're going to increase the challenge a little bit with today's exercise: side plank dips. 

  • Start in a side plank, propping your upper body up on your forearm, elbow underneath your shoulder, and hips lowered to the ground.
    • To make it easier, fold your bottom leg underneath you and extend out the top leg (shown below, A).
    • To make it more challenging, keep both legs extended (shown below, C). 
  • From this position, lift your hips as high as you can, using your abdominal muscles to lift you up, and your forearm, shoulder and legs to brace you (shown below, B & D). 
  • Repeat this for as many reps as you can on one side, then switch and repeat on the other side.

Easier option: bend one leg underneath you for more stability and less shoulder pressure.

More challenging option: keep both legs out straight, feet stacked. 

Good luck, and let me know how you do!  Keep up the good work for the duration of the challenge!  I know you can do it!  Get your friends and family involved, too.  Anyone and everyone can join, no matter how far in we are.  The whole point is to get you up and active!  Until tomorrow, have a healthy and happy day - and remember, one healthy choice at time.