Let's Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine

I don't know about you, but sometimes my fitness routine needs a switch up.  Even as a fitness instructor I sometimes get bored with the same ol' same ol'.  Considering all the other aspects of life that get a "spring cleaning", why not your fitness routine?  If it's feeling a bit stale (or even if it's not), here are some tips for adding a breath of fresh air to your sweat sessions.


1 | Try a new class

Get out there and try something new!  Is there a class you've been wanting to try but haven't gone to?  Force yourself to get out of your comfort zone and try it.  New instructors, new faces, new equipment - all of those things can breathe new life into an old routine.  You never know what you might find.  Maybe you'll discover your new favorite way to feel the burn!  

2 | Bring the fitness outdoors

No, I don't automatically mean running (although if that's your thing, then go for it!).  You don't need a fancy gym or studio to get a good workout.  Is there a nice park or beach near you?  Do you have space in your backyard?  Then get outside and try some outdoor workouts!  You don't really need that much equipment.

3 | Grab a friend

I think having a friend or loved one by your side, especially when starting something new like a group class or new workout regimen, can do wonders for motivation and accountability.  Pick someone you know will hold you to your word (and also someone who's obviously interested in doing the activities with you!).  Go have fun!

4 | Treat yourself to some new clothes

Fitness clothes that is.  Am I the only one that's loving the fitness-meets-functional or studio-to-street style that's popular right now?  I think adding some fun patterns, colors, or new styles to your fitness wardrobe can brighten things up and make you actually want to hit the gym or get to that class.  Here are some pieces I'm currently craving:

5 | Treat yourself to some new equipment

New clothes don't strike your fancy?  Maybe try out some new fitness equipment!  Pick up some dumbbells, resistance bands, or maybe a medicine ball.  There are a TON of smaller pieces of equipment like those that will amp up the intensity and keep your body guessing (and wanting more).

6 | Switch up the workout style

Do you always do cardio?  Or are you an avid weight lifter?  Maybe you're a mix of both.  That's perfectly fine, but a balanced fitness regimen should have a mix of both.  Try HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) or even Tabata (a type of HIIT) for a boost of cardio.  Looking to strength train?  The women over at Girls Gone Strong have a great set of quick strength training workouts you can basically do anywhere.

7 | Switch up the music!

A good song can go a lonnnnng way to helping you push through the last few reps, miles, minutes, etc.  Here's a playlist I put together for a bootcamp class I taught a while back.  It has some great jams that get me pumped!  (Warning: it's mostly techno...)


8 | Get out in the community

There are races, fitness events, and all sorts of fun activities popping up everywhere now that the weather is warming up.  Check your local stores for postings about such events or even ask around.  There have been SO many in the Rhode Island area recently.  If you're curious about those, a good resource to check is the RI Fit Magazine.  They have an Events section in each issue (and online) that lists that month's fitness events all throughout the state.

What are your favorite ways to switch up a stale fitness routine?  I'd love to hear what you're up to!