Fitness Friday 7/10: Take the Stairs!

It's Friday!  Hallelujah!  For whatever reason, this week has been dragging on for me.  Let's just say I'm happy it's the last day of the workweek this week.  I'm excited for the weekend, too!  I'll be subbing a strength training class on Saturday morning that I don't usually teach, so I'll get to see some faces I haven't seen in a while at the studio.  Then I'm off to Connecticut for a friend's bachelorette party!  Woo woo!  (Really, though, when did I grow up enough to where my friends are now getting married?  It's still shocking to me sometimes.)

Anyway, let's get on with the fitness this Friday.  For a fun mixup of the usual Fitness Friday posts, I decided to make this one all stair-based.  Whether it's inside the office building, outside in a park, or even in your own home, you can do this mini workout anywhere.  Even better if you grab a friend.  Ready?  Let's move!

Fitness Friday: take the stairs!

Fitness Friday 7/10: Take the Stairs

Each exercise is done either going up or down a flight of stairs.  If you want to make it more challenging, put this circuit on repeat for 5 minutes total.  Even better, add a set of 10 jumping jacks every time you reach the top.

Up: Lunges - starting at the bottom, use every other stair and perform lunges going up, alternating legs as you go.

Down: Squats - use every stair on the way down and perform 2 squats per stair. 

Up: Jumps - swing those arms back, load the legs (bend at the knees slightly) and jump up every other stair.  Work as quick as you can.

Down: Jog - pretty self explanatory. :)

There's your mini workout for the day!  Let this serve as your reminder to get up out of those desk chairs and move your body. :)  Happy weekend, everyone!

Readers: chat with me!  Have you done any stair workouts before, or any exercises while at work?  Have you ever gotten your coworkers involved?  What's everyone up to this weekend?