Easter Egg Hunt Workout {Printable!}

Printable Easter Egg Hunt Workout

Happy Easter Everyone!

Early, I know.  I'm just excited to share this workout game I created for you!  I wanted to give it to you a day early so you can set up your eggs, hide them, and tell your kids that the Easter Bunny is on a mission to get fit this year.  This workout is family friendly, and you can do it indoors or outdoors depending on what your weather situation is.  Here are the details:


  • A fun, energetic, race to the finish where each player has to find a set of eggs and complete each exercise.  Whoever collects all 9 eggs (and does all 9 exercises) wins!  (I left the prizes up to you - just please tell me it's not a basket of chocolate!)
  • Completing all 9 exercises will target all the major muscle groups and give you a bit of a cardio workout too! 


  • 9 colorful eggs each with a different exercise 
  • Directions for the hunt and exercise guidelines in case you're unfamiliar with the moves
  • A checklist for each player


  • Print a set of eggs and a checklist for each player
  • Cut out the paper eggs and place each in a plastic egg
  • Hide the plastic eggs throughout your yard or house
  • Review exercises and rules with each player
  • Go hunting (& exercising!)

Ready to have some fun with your family and stay active this Easter??  Yes?  Then download the workout below and let the fun begin!  (And don't go eating all the chocolate after either...)

>> Easter Egg Hunt Workout Download <<

Monday Boost Workout: Cardio + Core

Mondays.  We all have a case of them sometimes.  Sometimes they're the absolute worst, and other times they treat you well.  I hope the latter happens for you today, but if you find yourself feeling stuck and like today is a nonstarter already, here's a little morning kickstarter workout to get your butt into gear and get you moving.

The Get-You-Going Cardio + Core Workout

High Knees - get 'em up to waist level, and keep the pace quick!

Mountain Climbers - like a burpee, but instead of the push up at the bottom, alternate "running" in a plank for 8 counts (4 on each side), then pop back up quick.  If you want to add some extra cardio - jump at the top when you come up.

Oblique Twists - sit on the ground, either keeping your feet flat and knees bent (easier) or bend the knees but raise your feet off the floor.  From that position, lean back slightly so your abs are engaged, and twist side to side, touching your hands to the floor.

Hip-Touch Planks - Get into a low plank position (on your elbows), and twist your hips to one side while lowering them to the floor.  Keep your abs engaged and legs as straight as you can throughout.  Return to start and immediately twist to the opposite side.  Keep alternating sides.

Jumping Jacks - you know what those are :) 

Leap Frog Planks - from a high plank position with hands in close, hop your legs up to your hands like you would when doing the return phase of a burpee.  Instead of coming up off the floor though, keep your hands planted on the ground and hop feet back.  Alternate hopping forward/backward like leap frog.

Oblique Crunches - lay on one side, keeping your bottom arm extended out and top arm bent with your hand behind your head.  From there, crunch up to the side so your elbow meets your knees.  Extend back down to start.  That's one rep.  If you want to make it easier, only crunch up using one leg instead of both.  Harder = keep legs straight and "V" up.

V-Up Crunch Ups - lay down on your back, arms extended above you and legs out straight.  From here, lift both legs and arms up to form a V, touching your toes or shins if you can.  Return to start.  Crunch up again, this time bending your knees and bring them into your chest.  That sequence is 1 rep.  Alternate that pattern.


Happy Monday, and happy March to you all!  I hope the workout gives you a little boost to jumpstart your day and get the blood flowing.

I'll leave you with a motivating quote for the day...

A daily hit of athletic-induced endorphins gives you the power to make better decisions, helps you be at peace with yourself, and offsets stress.

Fitness Friday 2/20

Happy Fitness Friday, everyone!  This mini workout probably looks familiar to some of you.  Well, that's because I've decided to start posting these as blog posts here instead of just pictures on the site and social media.  In an effort to save the ones I have made thus far, I'm starting from day 1 of the #fitnessfriday mini workouts and reposting as a blog entry.  Bear with me as I make my way through them - and hey, this is a great opportunity for you all to go back and revisit the workouts yourself!

If you're just reading this for the first time and haven't discovered these yet, the #fitnessfriday mini workouts are posted every Friday morning here on the blog, as well as on my social media accounts for you all to keep with you throughout your day.  The goal isn't so much a full workout as it is to help remind you to get active and moving.  Each "workout" has a number of rounds to do in one sitting, and then a number of times to do those rounds throughout your day.  For example, if the workout says 3 rounds, 3 times today, you'd do a total of 9 rounds throughout your day, broken up into increments of 3.  Each post also has instructions under the picture in case you aren't familiar with the moves.

Have fun and enjoy!  Here's to being active, healthy, and happy!  Make sure to comment, tag, or otherwise let me know on social media how you do with these.  Use hashtag #fitnessfriday and be sure to tag me (@infitinhealth) so I can check in!  Follow me using the links in the sidebar to the right (or below if on a mobile device).  :)

right-click on the image to save it to your mobile device, or click the "Pin" button to pin it.


3 sets, 3x today

Push Ups - your regular ol' push ups.  If you need to, drop down to your knees.  There's nothing wrong with that!  Remember to keep your spine neutral throughout the movement (meaning there's no arch/bend in your back!).

Squats - regular ol' squats as well!  Go as low as you can, sticking your butt back and keeping your head up and chest open.

Plank - I'd like you to try a high plank for 30 seconds.  Keep your shoulders over your wrists and your core tight to keep your spine aligned.  If your wrists bother you, drop to your elbows.