Resistance Band Total Body Workout with Isometric Holds

Resistance Band Total Body Workout w/ Isometric Holds

I'm excited to bring you this total body workout today because a lot of people I know are traveling and this workout is GREAT for hotel rooms and when you're away from home.  Resistance bands are just as good (if not better) than dumbbells in my opinion, and they're also just about the best piece of fitness equipment you can realistically pack in a suitcase.  I'll be upfront, though - this workout doesn't involve many isolated abdominal exercises.  So if you're on the go or away from home and want a good ab burn to go along with this workout, I'd recommend this one and/or this one (you don't need any equipment for either).

Back to today's workout, though, there are 3 rounds of 2 exercises each.  You'll go through each round 3 times, doing each exercise for 1 minute, and holding a position where the band is taut (isometric hold) for 30 seconds.  Keep reading for the workout details, and make sure to save this one to that workout Pinterest board for when you're traveling! 

Resistance Band Total Body Workout w/ Isometric Holds

Resistance Band Total Body Workout w/ Isometric Holds

What You'll Need: a heavy resistance band (I used 30lbs), an exercise mat, and some floor space.
What You'll Do: start with round 1 and do each exercise for 1 minute followed by a 30-second isometric hold (explained below for each).  Do each round 3 times through before moving onto the next, trying only to take breaks between rounds if you need to.

Round 1 (x3)

Rowing Sit Ups (1 minute) + Row Hold (30 seconds) - lie down on the floor with the band wrapped securely around your feet (shown below), holding the handles in each hand by your sides. From here, perform a full sit up while simultaneously pulling the band handles to reach your sides, in a rowing motion.  Keep your shoulders down and focus on bringing your shoulder blades together in the row.  Slowly reverse the move and lower yourself back down to the floor.  Continue the sit ups for 1 minute.  After 1 minute, hold the upright row position for 30 seconds.  Trainer Tip: if you want more abdominal engagement during the hold, lean back slightly to engage them, keeping the band pulled in towards your sides.

Resistance Band secure foot loop

 Secure Foot Loop (above): start by wrapping the middle of the band over the tops of your feet.  Loop it around the outside of your feet, and bring the handles through on the inside.  This prevents the band from slipping off your toes when you pull (which has happened to me, and boy does it hurt!).

Resisted Push Ups (1 minute) + Push Up Hold (30 seconds) - wrap the band around your back, between your arms and your sides (so it's not rubbing against your arms).  Get into a push up position on the floor with your hands flat, holding the band down by the handles.   Do as many push ups as you can for 1 minute.  After 1 minute, hold the lowered push up position for 30 seconds.  Trainer Tip: you can do these from your knees as well, just remember to keep your spine aligned - no butts in the air!

Round 2 (x3)

Donkey Kicks (1 minute) + Straight Leg Hold (30 seconds) [L then R] - get into an all-fours position with a band handle looped on your left foot, holding the band tight in your left hand, excess on your right.  From here, kick your leg back pulling the band, keeping your foot flexed, and squeezing your glutes.  Bring your leg back down, bending your knee toward your chest.  Do 1 minute of kicks on the left leg, then immediately hold that same leg out straight for 30 seconds. Repeat on the right leg.

Squat Abductor Raises (1 minute) + Lateral Hold (30 seconds) [L then R] - place the resistance band under your feet holding the handles in each hand.  Perform a squat.  Come back to standing and lift your left leg out to the side, keeping it straight and your foot facing forward.  Squat back down, and repeat on the other side.  Continue alternating sides between squats for 1 minute.  After 1 minute, hold your left leg out to the side for 30 seconds, then repeat on the right.

Round 3 (x3)

Biceps Curls (1 minute) + 90˚ Hold (30 seconds) - start standing with the band underneath your feet, holding the handles in each hand by your sides.  Perform a biceps curl, bringing the band handles up towards your shoulders.  Slowly lower the band back down.  Keep curling for 1 minute.  After a minute, hold the handles up, elbows bent at 90˚, for 30 seconds.

Straight Leg Kickbacks (1 minute) + Hold (30 seconds) [L then R] - loop one handle around your left foot, holding the band tight by your left hip.  Keeping the band held at your hip the whole time, lift your leg straight back as high as you can.  Keep the lifts going for 1 minute, then hold your leg up for 30 seconds.  Once done with the left, repeat on the right.

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Because it's Monday and we could all use a good laugh at the start of the week, I'm leaving you with this precious gem of a workout pic blooper...

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Readers: chat with me!  Do you use resistance bands in your training?  What are your favorite exercises?  And because I don't take myself all that seriously, let's have some fun - caption the blooper pic above!  Happy Monday!