You CAN Work Out and Snack Healthy On the Go - Here's How

Getting your workouts in and eating healthy are more than possible when you're on the go!  It just requires some planning.  I've been out of the office for work most of this week, and therefore I didn't have access to a fridge or microwave like I usually do.  I had to be strategic about snacks.  I also had to be strategic about workouts too, since the workday was unusual and didn't allow time for my usual kickboxing class at night.  Check out my tips below for ways to snack healthy and fit in a workout if you're not in your usual environment.

How to Stay Healthy While on the Go


Taking the time to pack little snacks for yourself can save you time in the long run, not to mention money AND calories!  You save time in your day by not needing to run down to the store or go through the drive-thru.  Money is saved if you can stock up on certain things (yogurts, fruits, nuts, etc.) and the calories you can save by eating fresh, nutritious foods will help in keeping the pounds away.  Portable and healthy are the two criteria for me when I'm packing my mini cooler for the day.  Small baggies or tupperware containers are your best friends here and ice packs also come in handy if your snacks need to stay cool for a while (e.g. yogurt).  Check out my list below of go-to snacks to curb hunger while out and about.

Healthy & Portable Snack


I know what you might be thinking - "If I'm out and about, I don't have time to workout and I also don't have any equipment."  No worries!  You don't need equipment to get your heart pumping and a little sweat going.  If you can find 10 to 15 minutes in your day (and also some floorspace), you've got no excuse.  Driving by a park or field on your way to or from?  Have some space in the room/building/office you're in?  Get up and get moving!  Here are some body weight exercises you can do to keep the blood flowing during your day.  If you can set aside 15 minutes to do this workout all the way through, even better!  (Just remember to pack a change of clothes, 'cause you'll work up a sweat!)

No Equipment Do Anywhere Workout

I hope this helps you plan your day if you're out of the office and on the go!  Save the workout image (and snack options, too) to a Pinterest board or to your phone so you have it with you and ready to go at a moment's notice!  

Readers: chat with me! Do you have any snacks that you like to have with you or exercises that you like to do while you're out?  Comment and share them with everyone!