10-Minute At Home Core HIIT Workout (no equipment required)

This week is Thanksgiving week (when did that happen?!) and a lot of us will be traveling to see friends/family or you might be hosting them in your home.  Either way, the holidays usually mean less time for workouts, which is why I'm giving you three 10-minute quickie workouts this week so you can fit them in while the turkey is in the oven.  When totaled up, these workouts will focus on all the major muscle groups.  And the best part is, you don't need any equipment!  Today's workout is focusing on the abs.  Ready to get your body workin'?  Keep reading!

10-Minute At-Home Core HIIT Workout (no equipment required)

10-Minute Do At Home Core HIIT Workout

No equipment needed for this workout!  Just you and a timer.  There are 5 exercise pairs, each lasting 1 minute (30 seconds each exercise).  Start with pair 1 and go through all 5 pairs twice for a great ab burner workout in 10 minutes.  Try to work as quickly as you can through each exercise and challenge yourself to do the whole workout break-free.  Ready?  Here we go!

Pair 1

Cross-body Mountain Climbers - just like regular mountain climbers, but instead of bringing your knees up straight like the regular running, cross them to the opposite side of your chest.  Keep running for 30 seconds.  Trainer Tip: if the running is too much, slow it down to just stepping.

Hip Touch Planks - start in a low plank position (on your elbows), and rotate your hips to one side while lowering them to the floor.  Keep your abs engaged and legs as straight as you can throughout.  Return to start and immediately rotate to the opposite side.  Keep alternating for 30 seconds.

Pair 2

Fast Bicycles - like regular bicycles but work quickly.  Try to keep your abs engaged the entire time and shoulder blades up off the floor as you bring your elbows to meet your knees.  "Pedal" for 30 seconds.

Flutter Kicks - lie on your back (with hands under your lower back for support if needed).  Keep your legs out straight hovering over the floor and alternate fluttering them up and down without touching the floor.  Keep fluttering your feet for 30 seconds.

Pair 3

Frog Stamp Jumps - start in a high plank and keeping your hands on the ground, jump your feet up to the outside of your hands.  Immediately jump back into a plank, keeping your abs engaged and spine straight.  Keep jumping for 30 seconds.

V-Up to Push Up - start on your back and do 1 v-up (bringing your arms and legs up in a V to meet in the middle).  Lower yourself back down, roll over onto your stomach, and push yourself up into a push up position.  Lower yourself back down, and roll back over to supine.  Alternate V-up, roll over, push up, roll over for 30 seconds.

Pair 4

Burpees - oh yes, the hate-to-love burpees (or is it love-to-hate?).  Either way, you're starting in a standing position, place your hands on the floor, immediately jump back into a plank, and then reverse that entire movement back up to standing.  Keep going for 30 seconds.  If you want, you can add a push up in after jumping back into a plank and/or add a jump at the top when you stand back up.

Standing Crossover Crunches - start standing with your hands behind your head, fingers behind your ears, elbows out.  Bring your opposite elbow to meet your opposite knee, using your abdominals to "crunch".  Alternate between sides as quickly as you can for 30 seconds (like you're marching in place), keeping your chest up the entire time.

Pair 5

Reverse Plank Knees to Chest - start in a reverse plank, face up, arms straight, hands under shoulders with fingers facing forward, legs straight out with your pelvis raised so your spine is straight.  Holding your pelvis up, alternating lifting your legs and bringing your knee to your chest.  Remember to keep your pelvis up the whole time.  Keep alternating knees to chest for 30 seconds.

3-Point In & Outs - like regular in & outs, but you'll do them on each side and to the middle.  So, start on your back, hands on the floor, legs extended out.  Use your abs to bring your knees and chest to meet in the middle, like an accordion.  Extend back down and sightly roll over to one side.  Crunch up to meet your knees and chest in the middle on this side.  Roll back to the middle and crunch.  Then roll to the other side and crunch.  Keep alternating, left, middle, right, middle, left for 30 seconds.

Remember to go through that entire sequence one more time for the full workout.  Have fun with it!  And if you liked this workout, tomorrow's workout will be a similar set up, but it'll work your legs.  Woo, can't wait!

Readers: chat with me!  How was your weekend?  Big Thanksgiving plans this week?  Will you try to fit in your workouts this week or are you planning on taking some time off to relax?