10-Minute Do Anywhere Ab Workout

10-Minute Do Anywhere Ab Workout

Today I'm bringing you a killer ab workout that I'm really excited to share.  Everyone is all about the abs now that summer is (almost) in full swing, and I tried this one at the gym the other day - whoa.  My abs were on. fire. halfway through the first round!  I ended up having to take a break before round 2 because my abs couldn't take it.  And I have to say, they're pretty sore right now.  I'm excited about this one not just for that reason, but it's a workout that you can take with you anywhere.  Do it in your room, hotel, in your backyard, garage, or obviously at the gym... wherever you are, this ab workout is too! 

So let this be motivation for you to try it out, and save it to that Pinterest board for later, too!  (And if you're really into do-anywhere ab workouts, this one is a killer too!)  Ready to feel the burn?  Let's get to it!

10-Minute Do Anywhere Ab Workout | In Fitness and In Health

10-Minute Do Anywhere Ab Workout

What You'll Need: nothing!  Hah!  Though I'd recommend an exercise mat if you're working on a hard surface.
What You'll Do: every move is done for 1 minute (in some cases, 30 seconds each side).  Easy enough - just work your way through the exercises twice, trying to rest as little as possible.  And don't be fooled by the short timeframe... this will get your abs fired up in no time!

V-Up to Push Up - start lying face up on your mat, arms extended overhead.  From here, V up, keeping your legs and spine straight (don't round your back!).  Go back down and roll over onto your stomach, placing your arms close by your ribs, ready for a push up.  Then, push yourself up off the ground.  Go back down, and roll back over to perform another V up.  Keep alternating in this fashion for 1 minute.  Trainer Tips: the keys to this move are: a) to keep your spine straight when you V up (engage those abs HARD), and b) lift your WHOLE body up at ONE time when pushing up off the ground.  Don't "roll" up from chest to toes, but rather lift yourself as if you are a rod that cannot bend, and think of sucking your belly button in toward your spine as you lift.

Knee Trace Planks (30s/30s) - this move you'll do for 30 seconds on one side, then switch for 30 seconds on the other (1 minute on a single side is BRU-TAL!).  Start in a high plank position, bringing one knee to meet the same side elbow.  From here, trace your knee up along your arm to your armpit, rounding your upper back and tucking your chin to your chest.  Then lower your knee down to your wrist.  Keep tracing up and down for the full 30 seconds each side, trying to keep your knee in contact with your elbow the whole time.  Trainer Tip: if high plank is too challenging, drop down to a knee on that stationary leg.

Up & Over Crunches - oooo, you'll feel the burn during these ones!  Start in a seated position, legs out straight and upper body leaning back with forearms on the floor.  From here, bring your legs "up and over" to the other side, lifting your upper body up to meet your thighs in the middle.  Try to keep your feet elevated off the floor at the bottom.  Trainer Tip: if keeping your legs straight is too much for the full minute, or if it's causing you lower back pain, bend your knees in to your chest instead of keeping them straight.

Thread the Needle (30s/30s) - another one that you'll do for 30 seconds per side.  Start in a side plank on your forearm with the opposite arm extended toward the ceiling (shown).  From here, lift your hips up and press your forearm into the ground while reaching your other arm underneath and through towards your ribs (shown; think of it like a side pike position).  Do this for 30 seconds each side.

Leaning Oblique Twists (30s/30s) - last one you'll do for 30/30.  It's easier to explain this one in terms of sides, so start in a kneeling position on your right leg, with your left leg out straight to the side, and left hand tucked behind your head (shown).  From here, lean to your right, engaging your obliques, creating a straight line from head to foot (shown).  Now twist your torso so your top elbow is pointed toward the floor (shown), trying to maintain work in that same plane as much as possible (i.e. keep your weight still, don't lean forward).  Reverse the entire move so you are back upright, pausing for a second in each position.  Trainer Tip: if you're doing these on a hard surface, I recommend folding over your mat so you get double the cushion.  This one can be hard on the knees.

HYLETE Apparel for the Modern Athlete + 40% DISCOUNT!

I got the chance to partner with HYLETE in outfitting today's workout.  I'm excited to introduce this brand to you because, well, I'm really liking their leggings so far, and I think they have something unique going for them.  They're an online-exclusive brand, meaning that HYLETE doesn't sell their products in retail stores, but rather only offers them on their website, and as such, can offer better pricing and exclusive discounts rather than retail markups normally seen.

Hylete tank and Invex crops

The leggings I'm wearing are the Invex II Crop in black/gunmetal (also offered in black/teal, black/gray, and plum/gray).  They're slightly compressive, and hug the hips nicely, and the contouring stitching on the sides is very figure-flattering.  They also promote these crops as being adjustable in the waist, meaning the waistband is designed to roll down if you want them lower on your hips.  For me, they hit just below my belly button, so rolling them down would be a little TOO low in my opinion. ;)  They stayed put during this workout, too, so no worries about them sliding down and having to readjust them mid-workout (don't you hate that?!).  I chose black because it's more versatile with what tops I have in my activewear collection, but I'm eyeing the black/teal ones, too! 

Hylete tank and Invex crops

As a special treat for blog readers, you guys are getting 40% off your HYLETE purchase using code HM4612 at check out!  Super stoked to share this with you because they have some other cute legging options (like these adjustable-length Nimbus Caprites) and tops (eyeing this tank, and this jacket).  Go get yourself some new activewear! :)

Readers: chat with me!  What new ab workouts are you trying?  Any new moves out there that you like?  How has your week been?  Anyone have any fun, active plans for the weekend/month/summer?

All HYLETE apparel links are affiliate.  Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!

12-Minute Abs On Fire Workout

12-Minute Abs On Fire Workout | In Fitness and In Health

Happy #FitnessFriday to you all!  Today's workout is one I've had in the works for a while now, and I'm really exited to finally share this!  I've done this format in my classes many-a-time, and this combo in particular left everyone exhausted in the best possible way [insert evil instructor laugh here].  This one's great if you're short on time - 12 minutes is all you need.  My favorite part about it is you don't need any equipment at all besides a soft surface to lie down/kneel on.  You can do this outdoors, indoors, at the gym, at home, traveling, probably even on a plane if you were so inclined.  (Hey... I've done it, haha).

Before we get started, I'm trying out something new(ish) here on the blog.  I've recently been getting into making playlists on Soundcloud (I'm probably the last one on earth), and the songs on my workout mixes pump me up so much for the gym, so I wanted to start sharing them with you here.  I've included my most recent compilation here in this post, but check the blog sidebar on the right for updated ones when I have them.  My gym music tastes are usually electronic/dubstep/techno remixes (fair warning: there are some swears).  Hope you like it! 

12-Minute Abs On Fire Workout

12-Minute Abs on Fire Workout

What You'll Need: just about nothing! If you want an exercise mat, go for it.  Otherwise, just a soft surface on the floor for your back and knees. 
What You'll Do: each exercise you'll do for 1 minute, with 30 second breaks in between every set of moves (of which there are 4).  You'll add on each subsequent move to the end of the preceding move in each set.  So... 
Set 1 = start with the first exercise for 1 minute.  Then rest for 30 seconds.  
Set 2 = exercise #1 again for 1 minute, and go immediately into exercise #2 for 1 minute with no break. Then take a 30 second breather.  
Set 3 = 1 + 2 + 3 (all 1 minute each) + 30 second rest
Set 4 = 1 + 2 + 3 + 4* (all 1 minute each) 
*exercise #4 in this workout is done on each side.  I'll leave it up to you whether you want to do the full minute on each side or 30 seconds each.

Heel Touches - lie down on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor, arms straight reaching for your heels.  From here, engage your abs by lifting your upper back and shoulder blades off the floor/mat.  Rotate laterally so you alternate touching the back of each heel, as shown.  Keep it going for 1 minute, trying to engage your abs the whole time.  Trainer Tip: the closer your heels are to your butt, the easier this is; the farther away they are, the more difficult.  I want you to really have to REACH for those heels, but if you need a rest briefly, bring your feet in closer to your butt for a few seconds.

In & Outs - stay on the floor, legs extended with hands by your sides, elbows on the ground as shown.  Bring your knees to your chest (and chest to your knees), using your abdominals to pull your legs in and chest up (your hands don't do any pushing here).  Elbows should come off the ground, but hands stay planted.  Keep 'em going for 1 minute. Trainer Tip: if you want to increase the intensity, take your hands off the floor and extend them overhead and reach for your toes on the way up.

Scissor Pulses - start on your back, with your legs in an L (both straight, one hovering over the floor and one up in the air).  Keep your legs in that L and pulse up twice towards the foot that's raised, trying to get your shoulder blades off the mat if you can.  Once 2 pulses are done, switch legs, and do 2 pulses up on the other side.  Keep alternating for 1 minute, 2 pulses each side before switching.  Remember to keep the leg that's parallel to the ground hovering and not resting on the floor.

Leaning Oblique Twists (each side) - alright, you have a choice with this one.  Stick with either 30 seconds each side, or do a full minute on each side... Let's start on the left side.  So you'll kneel down on your left knee, and extend your right leg out straight.  Place your right hand behind your head and lean to the left so your body forms a straight line from neck to toe (as shown - you'll feel your right obliques engage here).  From this position, twist your torso to bring your right elbow down towards the floor (shown).  Bring yourself back up to that starting position, maintaining that straight line from neck to toe (keep that spine straight).

New activewear brand alert: XXIV Active

XXIV Active Sprint Tights

The tights I'm wearing in today's workout are made by XXIV Active (24 Active), an up-and-coming activewear line, which debuted with some awesome high-waist leggings & matching bra sets back in late-2016.  They have a small but amazing selection, which is steadily growing.  (I'm eyeing these gorgeous bordeaux colored 7/8 tights now!)  The ones shown here are really comfy.  They're a bit too high-waisted for my liking (easy fix though - I just rolled them down a little), but I think they'd be perfect for the crop-top/high-waist legging trend that's going on in the yogi world.  The 2-tone mesh at the back of the knee is a nice touch, too, and with mesh popping up everywhere now, they're perfect.  If you like jumping on activewear brand bandwagons early, check these guys out - you'll be hearing big things from them soon!

Readers: chat with me!  What's your favorite way to work your abs - bodyweight exercises?  Equipment?  What athleisure trends are you loving lately?  Thoughts on workout playlists being included here?  What music genre gets you pumped to work out? 

Suspension Trainer Ab Burner Workout w/ Cardio Intervals

Suspension Trainer Ab Burner Workout w/ Cardio Intervals

Hi everybody!  I'm super excited to bring you today's workout using the FE Strong Suspension Trainer System!  I love using suspension trainers like this one because they force you to engage certain muscle groups that traditional on-the-ground strength training exercises don't.  Since you're suspended working against gravity, you have to focus on really engaging your abs in order to stabilize and control your movements.  

The number of exercises you can do on this piece of equipment is endless, so instead of trying to pick a few from an infinite list (a challenging task, let me tell you!), I'm breaking up the workouts into 3 parts: Abs, Upper Body, and Lower Body. Part 1 today is focused on your abs, with some sneaky shoulder work in the many plank positions you'll be holding.  This workout is designed using 6 abdominal strength exercises with 30 seconds of suspended mountain climbers between each for a little burst of cardio.  Here is what the mountain climbers look like:

Suspension Trainer Mountain Climbers

Suspended Mountain Climbers - start in a high plank position with the tops of your feet in the foot straps.  Alternate bringing your knees close to your chest as quickly as you can (just like MC on the floor), keeping your shoulders over your wrists and abs engaged.

Keep reading for the full workout, my review of the suspension trainer (hint: I LOVE IT!), and details on how you can get 40% OFF one of these babies!!  Enjoy!

Suspension Trainer Ab Burner Workout w/ Cardio Intervals

Suspension Trainer Ab Burner Workout w/ Cardio Intervals

What You'll Need: a suspension trainer system hooked to a sturdy bar, branch, or door that will support your full bodyweight, and an exercise mat if you want one. The strap length is adjustable, so for this workout the handles should be low enough to the ground to make a high plank comfortable  and keep your spine aligned (about a foot off the ground depending on your build).
What You'll Do: go through the exercises in two rounds - the first focusing on the right side where applicable; the second focusing on the left.  Between each set of strength exercises, do 30 seconds of suspended mountain climbers (shown above).

Note: If you've never used a suspension trainer before, I highly recommend watching this set up & use video before trying the workout.

10 Trench Crawls (4 steps each direction) - start out in a low plank position with the tops of your feet resting in the straps, forearms horizontal in front of you.  Keeping your abs engaged and quads tight, take the arm that's in back and bring it forward, pulling yourself along.  Keep stepping forward on your forearms for 4 steps, then work your way backwards for 4 steps returning to start. Each 4-step forward and back = 1 rep.  Do 10 reps total.  Trainer Tip: the key here is to keep your abs engaged, spine aligned, and to try to resist swinging your legs side to side as you crawl.

- 30 seconds MC -

10 Oblique Crunches - start in a high plank on your hands with your feet in the straps.  Keeping your shoulders in line with your wrists and the movement slow and controlled, tuck your knees out and up to the right side (left side in round 2) toward your elbow.  Slowly reverse the move to go back into a plank.  Keep tucking your knees for 10 reps.

- 30 seconds MC -

10 Slow Sit Ups (4-count up & down) - lie down on your back with your heels resting in the foot straps, arms extended straight above you.  Engage your abs and raise yourself up slowly (4-count), reaching for your toes, keeping your spine straight as you come up.  Reverse the move and slowly lower yourself back down to start, making sure your arms stay raised above you and don't come to the floor.  Do 10 reps.

- 30 seconds MC -

10 Side Plank Hip Dips - start in a low side plank on the right side for the first round (switch to the left if on round 2) with your feet in the straps, top leg slightly behind.  From here, dip your hips to the floor, engaging your obliques to pull yourself back up.  Make sure your shoulder stays over your elbow here, and keep your hips stacked.  Do 10 dips.

- 30 seconds MC -

10 Pike Ups - you're starting in a high plank position again with the tops of your feet in the straps. From here, raise your body up into a pike position keeping your legs straight and pulling your abs in toward your spine.  Make sure your shoulders stay in line with your wrists here, too, and keep the movement slow and controlled.  Do 10 reps.

- 30 seconds MC -

10 Single-Leg Burpees - start standing with your right foot in the strap for round 1 (left foot for round 2), arms extended above you.  From here, perform a burpee by placing your hands on the ground and jumping your non-strapped foot back to hold a plank.  (Optional push up here if you want to.)  Now reverse the move, placing your non-strapped foot back down on the floor, raising yourself back up to standing, and adding a hop at the end.  Do 10 reps.  [VIDEO of this move here.]

Repeat this workout once more, switching to the left side where applicable.

Get 40% OFF the FE Strong Suspension Trainer!

You guys - I'm SO excited to be able to give you a 40% discount on one of these babies!  This suspension training system is really high quality (and no, I'm not just saying that).  If I'm being completely honest, I'm always a little wary of off-brand fitness equipment since they can be hit or miss a lot of the time.  After receiving this in the mail though, I was surprised at how professional-grade it is.  The handles are made of a comfortable and sturdy rubber, the nylon straps are thick and supportive, and the hooks that attach it to a bar above you are incredibly well-made.

FE Strong Suspension Trainer

It would normally run you $99 on Amazon (or more if you went with a TRX), but use the code "INFITINH" at check out to get 40% off.  (Heck yes $40 discount!)  If you've ever wanted a suspension system like this, now is your chance.  I hope you enjoy the workout, whether you try it in the gym, at home, or elsewhere.  If you end up buying one of these babies or already have a suspension trainer system, let me know how you like it! 

Readers: chat with me!  Do you use suspension training in your fitness routines?  What are your favorite abdominal exercises to do with/on them?  Have you ever traveled with one before? Where is the most unique place you've ever used one?

Disclosure: I was gifted the FE Strong Suspension Trainer System in exchange for my honest review on the blog and on Amazon.  All opinions and this workout are my own (just like always!).