10-Minute At Home Upper Body HIIT Workout (no equipment required)

Happy day-before-Thanksgiving, everyone!  Here's the last installment of the 10-minute HIIT workout mini series!  If you missed parts 1 & 2, I'd definitely recommend checking them out (here and here).  Combined with today's upper body work, they'll give you a total body workout in 30 minutes, or separate them out for a quick-but-effective sweat sesh when you're short on time (like this week during the holiday).  You don't need any equipment (except a timer and some room on the floor), so grab a friend or family member and let's work those arms today!

10-Minute Upper Body HIIT Workout (no equipment required)

10-Minute At Home Upper Body HIIT Workout

Start with Pair 1 and go through each pair for 1 minute (30 seconds for each exercise).  Go through the entire workout twice for a total of 10 minutes.  Try not to take any breaks until the time is up!  Let's work those arms!

Pair 1

Push Up to Side Plank - start by performing a single push up, then turn to a side plank on your right side, keeping the hips neutral and feet stacked, wrist under your shoulder.  Lift your left arm up toward the ceiling and turn your head to look at your hand.  Reverse the movement and immediately go down into another push up.  Now turn onto the left side and repeat the side plank, lifting the right arm up.  Keep alternating for 30 seconds.

Mountain Climbers - you know these by now. :)  Just remember to keep those shoulders over your wrists, and abs in tight as you bring your knees to your chest.  "Climb" for 30 seconds.

Pair 2

Narrow Grip Push Ups - here you'll keep your elbows close by your sides as you perform a push up to really target those triceps.  Keep going for 30 seconds.  Trainer Tip: you can do these from your knees, too.

Jump Reaches - squat down so your finger tips touch the floor, then propel yourself up into the air reaching toward the ceiling, arms up tall by your ears.  Immediately go back down into a squat, and jump up again.  Keep going for 30 seconds.

Pair 3

Palms Up Jumping Jacks - like regular jumping jacks, but keep your arms horizontal (swinging them in front of you rather than overhead) with your palms facing up.  Cross your arms in the middle, alternating which hand is on top.  Continue for 30 seconds.

Plank Shoulder Taps - start in a high plank and lift one hand off the floor to tap the opposite shoulder.  Place it back down and do the same on the other side.  The key here is to keep your hips square with the floor - try not to twist to the side as you lift your arms.  Keep alternating taps for 30 seconds.

Pair 4

Tricep Push Ups (right) - lie down on your left side, with your left arm crossed over your chest, and right arm over it with that hand placed on the floor.  Use that arm to push your upper body up off the floor.  Try to get your right arm as straight as you can (pushing all the way up).  Continue the push ups for 30 seconds.

Tricep Push Ups (left) - same position and movement, but on the left side.

Pair 5

Plank to Pike Leg Lift - start in a high plank, abs engaged and spine neutral.  Press yourself back into a pike position, staying strong in the shoulders, and lift one leg up straight.  Place that leg back down and lower yourself back down into a plank.  Press up again and lift the other leg up into the air.  Keep alternating plank to press + leg lift for 30 seconds.

Dive Bomb Push Ups - these ones are fun!  Start in a pike position, head down so the crown of your head is facing the ground, and your gaze is back toward your feet.  From here, lower yourself down so the crown of your head touches the ground, and push yourself back up.  Remember to keep that pike position throughout the entire movement.  Continue for 30 seconds.

Remember to go through that entire series once more for the full 10-minute workout.  Enjoy! 

Readers: chat with me!  What workouts are you keeping readily available during your holidays?  Do you try to get your family and friends active with you?  What are your plans for the rest of the week?  Whatever you're up to, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  :)