Quads & Glutes Chair Pyramid Workout

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Let's get right to the fitness today.  I taught a lower body strength training class last night, which went by so fast!  We were all lunging, squatting, and jumping enough to make class go by like THAT.  I had a whole group/partner exercise portion planned, but when I looked up at the clock, we had 10 minutes left!  Love classes like that.  :)  Anyway, I thought I'd adapt a few of the exercises we did last night to something you can do at home, or anywhere there's a sturdy chair, bench, box, or low wall to step onto.  Ready to have some fun?!  Keep reading...

Quads & Glutes Chair Pyramid Workout

Quads & Glutes Chair Pyramid Workout

Equipment Needed: a sturdy chair, water bottle and towel if desired
For this workout, go through 10 reps of each exercise first, then down to 9, then 8... etc. until you reach 1 rep.   Let's get started!

Single Leg Lunges - facing away from the chair, prop one foot up on it and keep the other leg planted on the floor.  Lunge down as low as you can, bending both knees, keeping your chest up.  Do all reps on one leg, then switch.

Chair Step Ups w/ Lunge Back - here's where the sturdy chair is important.  Start by stepping up onto the chair with your right leg and bring your left knee to waist level.  Step back down on your left foot and bring your right leg down, stepping back into a lunge.  Then immediately step back up onto the chair.  Repeat all reps all on one leg, then switch.

Adductor Raises in Side Plank - start in a side plank on your elbow, with your top foot on the chair, bottom foot touching the ground so your legs are split.  Maintaining the side plank position, raise the bottom leg to tap the underside of the chair, then back down to the floor.  Trainer Tip: keep your hips from dipping here.  Your body should be in one straight line from head to top foot.  The only part that moves is your bottom leg.

Squat Jumps w/ Butt Tap - just like it sounds.  Face away from the chair, and slowly squat down until you feel your butt tap the chair seat.  Once you feel that, explode up into a vertical jump.  Then come immediately back down to tap the chair again.  Keep the upward jumps fast and the downward squats slow.

Donkey Kicks + Pulse + Hold - face the chair and use the seat to prop yourself up/maintain your balance.  Start with donkey kicks on one leg, bending the knee and kicking your heel upward toward the ceiling.  Once your done with the kicks, immediately do that same number of pulses (same leg position).  Then hold your leg up for that number of seconds (e.g. 10 donkey kicks, 10 pulses, 10 second hold).  Repeat on other side.

Squat + Side Kicks - get behind the chair using the back for balance.  Squat down as low as you can, then come up and do a side kick, keeping your toes pointed forward and driving your heel away from you.  Squat back down again and do another kick on the opposite side.  That 2-kick set counts as 1 rep.  Keep going for the desired # of reps.

Don't forget to keep moving down the pyramid - 10, 9, 8... down to 1 rep each.

Readers: chat with me!  Do you use household equipment like a chair for your workouts?  What are your favorite lower body exercises to do?  What ones don't you like so much?  I'd love to hear!