Fitness Friday 12/11: Quad Burners

Happy Friday, everyone!  I hope you all had a good week.  Today's workday workout is lower body focused with some quad exercises you can easily do anywhere you find yourself today.  In the office, at home, on the go... you don't need any equipment of course, and it'll only take you 5 minutes to complete the recommended 2 rounds!  Ready to work those legs? 

Fitness Friday 12/11: Quad Burners

Fitness Friday 12/11

2 x 3 (two rounds, 3 times today)
Each exercise will last 30 seconds.  For the exercises where you're working one leg at a time, do 30 seconds on each leg.  Let's go!

Alternating Floor Taps w/ Side Lunge - start by stepping out to the right into a low side lunge and bring your left hand down to the floor, then quickly hop over to the other side.  Think about keeping your upper body in the same position and touching your hands down to the same spot on the floor.  All that's moving are your legs.  Keep going for 30 seconds.

Single Leg Squat Hold w/ Side Tap - squat down as low as you can on your right leg, keeping your chest up and gaze forward.  From here, extend your left leg out to the side and lightly tap your toes to the floor.  Bring it back in to meet your right foot.  Keep tapping out to the side for 30 seconds then switch legs for another 30 seconds.  Trainer Tip: your weight should be all on the stationary leg here.  So when you tap your foot out to the side, try not to put any weight on it.

Forward Stamp Lunges - lunge forward on your right leg, keeping your chest up and hands on your hips.  From here, explode up with the right leg so you come almost back to standing, and place that leg back down on the floor into a lunge again.  Keep exploding up and "stamping" back down into a lunge for 30 seconds on each leg. 

Remember to do 1 more round for the full mini workout, and then twice more throughout your day today. 

Readers: chat with me!  How was your week this week?  What fun workouts did you do?  What'd you do during your workdays to stay active?  Anyone up to anything fun and active this weekend?