Fitness Friday 11/6: Wall Challenge

Happy Friday to you all!  You're almost through another week!  Today's Fitness Friday mini workout is all on the wall today.  I challenge you to find some space and get through this workout 3 separate times today.  And for those of you in the office, my challenge to you is to find a coworker or friend to do this with!  Find some wall space on your lunch break and get movin'!  Ready?  Keep reading for the details!

Fitness Friday 11/6: Wall Challenge

Fitness Friday 11/6: Wall Challenge

3 x 3 (3 rounds, 3 times today)
Find an empty spot on a sturdy wall and let's work our muscles!

Jump Taps - stand facing the wall, about a foot away from it.  Squat down as low as you can and then jump up high tapping the wall with your finger tips.  Immediately go back down into a squat and jump up again.  Keep going for 1 minute.

Wall Sit - everyone's favorite!  With your back flat against the wall, lower yourself down so your knees are bent around 90˚ and quads are parallel with the floor.  Stay in this position with your hands out in front of you for 1 minute.  Trainer Tip: want a bit MORE of a challenge?  Every 15 seconds, lift one leg out straight and hold.

Snow Angels - come up from the wall sit so your knees are slightly bent.  Put your arms in a goal post position pressing against the wall firmly.  Keeping your arms on the wall the entire time, raise them up so your hands touch together, then lower them back down so your elbows come close to your sides.  Keep going for 1 minute.

Remember to repeat that 2 more times for the full workout, and try to fit it in twice more throughout your day today. 

Readers: chat with me!  Do you typically get up out of your desk chairs and move around at work?  What prompts you?  If you work from home, or are home today, do you have a spot on a wall where you can try this workout?  What's everyone up to this weekend?