Fitness Friday 9/25: Work Your Legs with Lunges

Hey hey, it's Friday!  How is your week going?  I'm writing this post about a week in advance, so the packing hasn't started as I type this, but as you're reading this now I'm probably buried in boxes and my apartment is likely in all kinds of disarray.  Eek!  I hope you're enjoying the guest posts this week!  There will be one more guest post on Monday (teaser: she's an avid runner who's letting us in on some great tips to deal with "runger"), and then it's back to the regular scheduled programming on the blog... but from New York!  I'll be able to tell you all about the move and our journey to upstate moving in together.  I'm excited!

In the meantime, here's your Fitness Friday post for your workday workout today!  I hope by now you've gotten a few coworkers and/or friends involved in the fitness, so go round 'em up and get to lunging around the office today. :)  Keep reading for details...

Fitness Friday 9/25: Work Your Legs with Lunges

Fitness Friday 9/25

10 Push Off Side Lunges - start standing and lunge to one side, keeping your chest up and gaze forward.  Lunge down as far as you can, and then push off that leg to return upright, bringing your knee up to hip level.  Immediately lunge back down on the same leg and push off again.  Continue the side lunge push off pattern for 10 reps on each leg. 

10 Step Through Lunges + Pulse - start in a lunge position (either side), knees bent at about 90˚, hands on your hips or out in front of you.  From there, take your back leg and step through into a forward lunge, and pulse once.  Then reverse that move, taking your forward leg and stepping it back through into a backward lunge.  Pulse again.  Keep stepping forward and backward on the same leg for 10 reps, then switch sides.  Trainer Tip: only one leg should be moving forward/backward; keep the other foot planted on the floor. 

10 Walking Lunges - just like it sounds, you start in a lunge position and travel forward with every subsequent lunge.  Hands can either be on your hips or out in front of you, and remember to keep your chest up and gaze forward. 

Remember to repeat these lunge variations 2 more times through for the full workout, and try to get it in 3 times today.  Enjoy the lunging!

Readers: chat with me!  Do you like lunges?  What's your favorite leg exercise to target the quads?  What's everyone up to this weekend?  Any fun, active plans?