Fitness Friday 1/29: 4 Easy Ways to Move More At Work

Happy Friday to you all!  How's your week been?  Today I'm taking a different approach to the Fitness Friday mini workout series and giving you all some ideas for adding more movement to your workday without adding specific exercises.  There are a million ways you can move your muscles more while you're at work, and I hope these ideas help you think outside the box when it comes to combating the sedentary nature of a desk/office job.  I hope you can incorporate at least 1 (or maybe all 4!) of these today, and that over time, adding more movement becomes natural and habitual for you.

Fitness Friday 1/29: 4 Easy Ways to Move More At Work

Fitness Friday 1/29: 4 Easy Ways to Move More At Work

1 | Take the stairs - I know, I know, you probably hear this one all. the. time. but it really is a great way to add more movement to your workday.  Especially if you're carrying slightly heavier bags, your legs will get much more muscle activation than they would just standing in the elevator.

2 | Go 1 floor up or down for water - this one is a great one if you can force yourself to do it. When it's time to refill your water, use the bathroom, make copies, etc., go to the next floor up or down that has what you need.  Don't take the elevator though.  Combine this with tip 1 and take the stairs.

3 | SEE the person you need to talk to - I remember when I worked in my old office I would force myself to walk up to the second floor to see the person I wanted to talk to instead if just calling them from my desk.  Granted the "office" I worked in was a house-turned-research-lab, but you get the idea.  If there's someone you need to speak with, make it a point to get up out of your chair and walk to their desk to have the conversation.

4 | Set a timer - I like this one because you'll have a constant reminder to move your body throughout the day.  Set a timer for every hour, and if you can, make sure you stand up, stretch, and walk around a bit.  (Sidebar: one thing that's useful about the Apple Watch is it reminds you to stand every hour, which is great for a desk job!)  You can set a calendar reminder, timer on your computer/watch/phone, or even bring in a timer of your own.  The point is, don't stay seated for too long!

Hope those tips help you think somewhat outside the box when it comes to adding movement to your workdays.  If you need ideas for some other exercises you can do on your lunch break or when that timer goes off again, check out the other Fitness Friday mini workouts!

Readers: chat with me!  Do you do any of these things during your workday already?  Do you think you can try to incorporate at least one of these today?  What are your jobs like?  Are you constantly moving, always seated, or a mix of both?  Any fun plans for the weekend?