Fitness Friday 1/22: Use Your Desk

Happy Friday!  Today's mini workout is a continuation of last week's where the exercises were mainly from your chair.  This week, we're taking it out of the chair and using the edge of your desk to do the moves.  Again, these probably won't make you sweat, nor will they help you make any real muscle gains, but that's not the point of these (hence "mini workout").  The goal for these is to make you conscious of working your muscles throughout your work day, and to help you move a little more.  So grab a coworker and the edge of a desk, and get a-movin'!

Fitness Friday 1/22: Use Your Desk

Fitness Friday 1/22

2 x 3 (2 rounds, 3 times today)

Stand up out of that desk chair and let's move that body!  For these 4 exercises, all you need is a small space at the edge of your desk to place your hands.  Let's get started!

Inclined High Knees (30 seconds) - place your hands on the edge of your desk and lean into them slightly.  From this position, alternate bringing your knees to your chest quickly for 30 seconds.

10 Incline Push Ups - keep your hands at the edge of your desk, and do 10 push ups, bringing your chest as close to the desk as you can.

10 Incline Side Plank Dips - start in a side plank position with one hand on the desk, the other on your hip, feet stacked, spine straight to start.  From here, dip your hips down toward the floor, then raise them up slightly higher than neutral.  Do 10 dips on each side.

10 Tricep Dips - face away from your desk with your hands placed on the edge, legs either bent at 90˚ with your feet flat on the floor, or out straight on your heels.  From here, lower yourself down toward the floor.  Go only so far as you're comfortable.  Do 10 dips total.

Repeat that sequence once more for the full workout, and try to get in at least 2 more of these workouts in your day today.  If you don't have a desk, you can easily use a chair, bench, table, or really anything sturdy that will elevate your arms/upper body.

Readers: chat with me!  Do you 'work out' at the office?  Have you ever used your desk for a workout before?  What's everyone up to this weekend?  Any fun, active plans?