Fitness Friday 8/14: Fitness from Your Desk Chair!

Happy Friday!  You made it!  :)  Today's mini workout is designed so you don't ever have to leave your desk.  It's super easy to incorporate movement into your workday with little exercises like these, and that's the whole point behind this Fitness Friday series on the blog.  Not so much to sweat and get a full workout in, but rather to remind you to move your bodies while you're working and get the blood flowing a few times throughout your day.  Ready?  Get your coworkers in on the action and let's get the first rounds done right now! 

Fitness Friday 8/14: Fitness from Your Desk Chair!

Fitness Friday 8/14

3 x 2 (3 times through, 2x today)

30 Seated Straight Leg Lifts - staying seated on the edge of your chair, straighten your legs out in front of you, squeezing your quads and pointing your toes (to work the calves).  Lift and lower your legs, keeping your legs tight together and core engaged.  Do 30 lifts.

25 Butt Tap Squats - face away from the chair, and slowly squat down until you feel your butt tap the chair seat.  Stand back up.  Keep going for 25 squats total.  Remember to keep your chest up and gaze forward.

15 Incline Push Ups - note: if you have a chair with wheels, consider doing these off of your desk instead for a more stable surface.  Place your hands on the edges of the chair in a push up position.  Keep your spine in a straight line here, and do a push up lowering your chest to the chair and back up again.  Do 15 total. 

Repeat this series of exercises 2 more times for your first set, and then do 1 more set of 3 rounds during your day today.

Readers: chat with me!  Do you do exercises at your desk?  How do you incorporate activity and movement into your day at the office? What's up for the weekend?