Fitness Friday 11/13: Back to Basics

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!  Do you believe in superstitions?  I don't really, but I know a few people who do.  Between hopping over the cracks and avoiding walking under ladders, find some time to fit in this back-to-basics Fitness Friday mini workout.  No equipment needed and I've got some basic moves for you today to simplify things so you can get back to your busy schedule in no time.  Ready for the fun??

Fitness Friday 11/13: Back to Basics

Fitness Friday 11/13: Back to Basics

3 x 3 (3 rounds, 3 times today)

10 Crunches - lie on the floor with your feet flat, heels near your rear, elbows bent with fingers lightly touching behind your head.  From here, crunch up so your chest meets your knees.  Do 10 reps.

20 Regular Squats - no frills here.  Just a regular squat, focusing on keeping your chest up, spine straight, and gaze forward.  Track your knees over your toes, and keep your feet about hip width apart.  Do 20 reps.

30-Second Plank - I'd like you to try this on your elbows/forearms instead of up high.  The straighter your body is here, the more abdominal engagement you'll get.  Therefore, the lower to the ground you are, the more you'll work your middle.  Hold for 30 seconds (or 1 minute if you want to challenge yourself).

Remember to repeat that 2 more times through for the full workout.  Enjoy!

Readers: chat with me!  What basic exercises do you love to throw into your every day routine?  (I'm a huge fan of push ups and lunges.)  Are you superstitious?  What's everyone up to this weekend?

Speaking of this weekend!!  If any of you are in the NY Capital Region, I'm going to be teaching a cardio-kickboxing class at Athleta in the Crossgates Mall TOMORROW (Saturday, 11/14) from 9-10am!  There will be AWESOME prizes like 2 $25 Athleta shop cards, an Athleta yoga mat, some super cute water bottles, headbands, and so much more!  So please, come by and have some fun (and come shopping with me afterwards)!!