Fitness Friday 8/21: 3 Energizing Exercises to Beat the Workday Slump

Happy Friday to you all!  We made it through another week.  How's everyone doing?  Today's post will be a quick one, so let's not waste time.  I'm hearing a lot of people say they can't seem to beat the workday slump that happens around 2-3pm.  You know what I'm talking about - the dreaded afternoon hour that rolls around where it's all you can do to stay awake at your desk.  If you're feeling like you need a pick-me-up at any time of the day, try these 3 easy exercises that are fun and energizing to help you beat the slump.  Ready?

Fitness Friday 8/21: 3 Energizing Exercises to Beat the Workday Slump

Fitness Friday 8/21

3 x 2 (3 times through, twice today)

10 Star Jumps - start standing and bend your knees slightly, preparing for the jump.  Jump up high spreading your legs out and reaching your arms up above you, like a star.  Do 10 jumps.

20 Skaters - start in a crouch position with a slight bend in the knee.  Leap to the right bringing your left leg behind you and to the right, touching your left hand (and foot) to the ground.  Immediately leap to your left side, bringing your right foot behind you and to the left, also touching your right hand (and foot) to the ground.  Keep the leaping doing side to side for 20 reps.

100 Fast Punches in Squat - get into a wide stance and squat down, keeping your chest up and butt back.  Do 100 fast punches (jabs) to the air as quick as you can.

Repeat this series 2 more times through for your first mini workout of the day, and the full set once more this afternoon when you're feelin' like you need a pick-me-up!  I'll leave you with a motivational quote I found last night that so aptly sums up how I'm feeling at the moment.  I won't go into details, but I will say appreciate those that go out of their way for you, and let them know it sooner rather than later.

Thank You

Readers: chat with me!  What do you do when you find yourself lacking motivation to keep going during the workday?  Do you have any exercises you like to do in your office?  How are you staying active this weekend?