Wednesday Warmup 6/3: Legs, Glutes & Cardio AMRAP

Happy Wednesday to you all!  We're halfway through the week - how's it going for you so far?  My week has been a long one already, but I'm keeping my head high and trying to focus on what I can do to keep my fitness levels up while my work schedule is packed.  Before I get into the workout for today, I'd like to address a housekeeping issue I've been having with my posts.  If you're a subscriber, you may have noticed that the posts are getting delivered to your email a day later than they were posted on the blog.  I've done some troubleshooting, and hopefully I've remedied that by now (fingers crossed!).  If it continues, bear with me while I try to get things working properly again.  Okay, now onto the fitness for today!


Wednesday Warmup 6/3: Legs, Glutes & Cardio AMRAP

Set your timer for 10 minutes and get through as many rounds of the 6 exercises as you can!  Ready, set, go!

Glute Bridges - lie down on your back with your hands at your sides, knees bent and feet flat on the floor.  From here, press your pelvis up toward the ceiling, keeping your shoulders and back on he ground, squeezing your glutes at the top.  Lower back down.  Continue the bridges for 20 reps.

Split Lunge Jumps - start in a lunge on one leg, knees bent about 90˚.  Propel yourself up into the air, switching legs and landing back down in a lunge on the opposite side.  Continue the jump lunges for 30 total (15 each side).  Trainer Tip: lessen the impact on your knees by stepping up and back to switch legs instead of jumping.

Pistol Squats - start standing on one leg, with the other leg extended out straight in front of you, arms extended out as well.  Keeping that leg raised and straight, lower yourself down as far as you can in a squat on the other leg.  Do 15 of these on one leg, and then switch to the other leg and repeat.

Tuck Jumps - Speed is the name of the game with these.  Jump up bringing your knees to meet your hands.  Do 10 jumps total as quick as you can - like hot potato between your feet and the ground.

Squats + Calf Raises - here you're doing regular squats, but when you raise back up, go up on your toes in a calf raise (both legs) at the top.  Then lower yourself back down in a regular squat again.  Repeat that for 30 reps.

Crazy Jacks - these are fun!  It's like regular jumping jacks, but alternate bringing your knees up to the side when your arms go up in the air.  So, as your arms go up, bring the right knee up to the side.  Bring them back down and immediately hop into the next "jack" bringing your left knee up and out to the side.  They're kind of confusing at first, but once you do a few, you'll get the hang of them! :)

Readers: chat with me!  When do you like to work out during your day?  Are you a morning workout person or someone who likes to workout at night?  Evening workouts are better for me, so I'll probably be doing this one when I get home from work if I can't make it to class tonight. :)