Special Guest Post Week + A Life Update

Hi guys!  Happy Sunday to you all.  Just popping in real quick to say that this coming week is full-fledged packing week (after a trip to visit friends in Brooklyn Monday and Tuesday), and then I officially MOVE on Sunday -- yikes!  So life will be crazy busy for a while here...  have no fear, though, the blog won't be empty!  I've got an awesome lineup of guest posts for you from topics ranging from healthy family vacations to getting started running, dealing with "runger," and more.  There will also be a special GIVEAWAY on the blog tomorrow, so make sure to stop by!

Wish me luck with the packing - there's so much to do!  I'll catch you guys next week when I'll no longer be a Rhode Islander, but an Upstate New Yorker (I'm still getting used to it...).  Until then, keep up your fitness and healthy habits (there are some great workout posts below), and enjoy the guest posts coming up!